GOPC Releases a Comprehensive Housing Analysis for Springfield, Ohio

Last night, the Springfield City Commission approved Housing in the Champion City: Comprehensive Housing Analysis for Springfield, Ohio. GOPC’s analysis provides community leaders with an in-depth assessment of the market-rate and affordable housing markets in the city, and recommends policies and strategies that can strengthen Springfield’s housing market.

The report was commissioned through a joint effort of the city of Springfield and the Springfield Housing Consortium, a group of more than 40 individuals who represent the public, private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors.

GOPC found that Springfield faces many of the challenges experienced by other legacy cities across Ohio. The city’s housing stock is aging, sales prices are modest, and new housing developments have been limited until very recently. Springfield is also experiencing a shortage of housing units affordable to low-income renters.

However, recent housing policies adopted by the city of Springfield, along with the demonstrated leadership and commitment of the Springfield Housing Consortium, hold great promise for Springfield’s housing market.

Housing in the Champion City provides 16 recommendations, organized in 6 focus areas, to enhance housing in Springfield. GOPC’s recommendations support local leaders’ goals of retaining and attracting residents and businesses. The focus areas are:

  • Play to Springfield's assets by engaging anchor institutions and capitalizing on Springfield's geographic location

  • Continue to focus on downtown revitalization to attract owners and renters

  • Support ongoing development projects to attract new residents and encourage further residential development projects

  • Continue to lower financial risk and protect investments for developers - in both new build and rehab projects

  • Encourage more rehab of existing stock

The full Housing in the Champion City report—with Executive Summary—can be found here.