Virtual Employment: A Future Frontier?

Ohio is facing tough economic times. Not only is it coping with the national economic downturn, it is also grappling with the loss of its manufacturing jobs. Also, Ohio is dealing with its long history of sprawl as residents continued to move further out from the city centers. Not only does this wear on the infrastructure but it also costs individuals as gas prices rise. One possibility that may help to reduce the impact of the economic downturn on workers and companies is Virtual Employment. If workers can work from home then they can save money in commuting costs and employers can save on overhead costs. The Source Newsletter is embarking on a series about this new phenomenon called "Recruiting from the Middle of Nowhere." Not only does the blog aptly describe the benefits and drawbacks of the Virtual Workplace it also leads to the fundamental questions....Is this what Ohio really needs to revitalize or is it just a band-aid that is covering more fundamental problems?