Transit: An indicator of changing times

The Cleveland Regional Transit Authority reported an increase in ridership for the sixth consecutive year (Read the article). These numbers indicate that as traveling costs increase, people are turning to alternative modes of transportation. What does this mean for Ohio's economy? The Restoring Prosperity to Ohio initiative advises that if communities and the state want to revitalize, they must first look at the changing economic trends, take stock of the assets that already exist in their communities, and examine how they can use their assets to capitalize on these new developments.Take for example, Akron. Once the rubber capital of the world, it used its rubber background to invest in polymer research. Now, the city is well on its way of overcoming the decline of its manufacturing base and revitalizing its economic grandeur.

The increase in ridership on mass transit indicated that it is time for Ohio to re-evaluate its transportation  investments and look multi-modal transportation opportunities in order for the state to stay competitive in the 21st Century.