Mass Transit on the move in Ohio...but is this a good thing?

Mass transit is a growing trend throughout the nation and the world, so I do not see how Ohio can ignore it. If you look at the booming cities, they almost all have some form of public transportation. Buses are useful however, they do not mean much from an economic development standpoint. Developers are wary to invest in areas based on bus lines, because technically a bus route can change on a whim of a politician. It is fixed rail that really brings in the businesses and stimulates the economy. While I fully support the development of a 3-C Corridor mass transit system. The state needs to coordinate its efforts. Building a train system that connects cities but then leaves you stranded once you arrive at the city will not be effective and will only give naysayers more power. Yes, we need to connect our cities; however we must first build transportation systems with the city in order to wield the full power of a statewide transit system.

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