The 3-C Corridor is not the only one looking at mass transit

Cities in Northeast Ohio are pushing for federal money to implement passenger rail service in the Tech Corridor, otherwise known as the Cleveland-Youngstown-Pittsburgh rail corridor. Proponents argue that there are individual economic engines that are revving up in numerous locations – in Cleveland, Kent, Warren, Youngstown, Beaver Falls, Pittsburgh and the potential for growth is immense if these economies are connected and can leverage the other’s strengths. However, the cost of this rail corridor will require federal money in the ballpark of $30 million. In order to receive this funding the state departments of transportation, state commissions, compacts of states or Amtrak must submit a request to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Then, the U.S. Department of Transportation must submit to Congress by April 18 a strategy for the use of $8 billion in passenger rail stimulus funds.