Restoring Prosperity to Cleveland Policy Platform

Greater Ohio along with support from PolicyBridge are developing a policy platform for the City of Cleveland, building on input from participants at the June Restoring Prosperity to Cleveland Mini-Summit and additional feedback we have since received.  This “Cleveland Policy Platform” is still in its initial draft stage, and we are asking for your feedback and comments in order to make these recommendations as effective as possible.  Please take a moment to review our specific recommendations and share your comments.  We greatly appreciate your input and insight.  In addition to the Cleveland Policy Platform, Greater Ohio will be developing several other city-specific policy platforms.  However, the Cleveland platform will be the first unveiled and will serve as a model for other cities, which makes your early involvement essential to creating a more prosperous future for Ohio’s cities. This Policy Platform advances a series of state level recommendations to create a “competitive communities” strategy that places revitalization of Cleveland and other Ohio cities at the center of regional economic redevelopment strategies, and revitalization of the state as a whole.  Many of the Platform recommendations are illustrated by Cleveland practices and/or projects that align with these policies and that could be enhanced in Cleveland and/or replicated in other parts of the state with appropriate state action.  The Platform’s premise rests on the need to take stock of and build on the Cleveland metropolitan region’s -- and Ohio’s -- many existing assets to determine how they drive their broader regional and the rest of the state’s economy.

These assets are best promoted when they leverage the four drivers of prosperity: innovation, workforce, quality and sustainable places, and infrastructure.  This Platform, then, divides its recommendations into those four prosperity driver areas, and a fifth area, governance reform.  We urge state policy leaders to adopt an integrated approach to revitalization with policies and practices that simultaneously leverage all four prosperity drivers and advance regional collaboration.

Please read our specific recommendations in each of these five areas and share your comments:

  1. Innovation
  2. Workforce
  3. Quality and Sustainable Places
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Governance Reform