Media Release: Greater Ohio Supports Ohio’s Application for Passenger Rail Funding

For Immediate Release:    Thursday, October 1, 2009                                 

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Greater Ohio Supports Ohio’s Application for Passenger Rail Funding 

Governor Ted Strickland will submit to the U.S. Department of Transportation a complete application for funding of the 3C Corridor “Quick Start” passenger rail system this week.

We at Greater Ohio, the state’s nonprofit smart growth organization, applaud the Governor for taking steps necessary to capitalize on this unique opportunity offered by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to jump-start development of convenient and affordable rail service between core cities within our state. This is real progress and marks a milestone in the effort to bring our state’s transportation system up to a world-class level.

The proposed passenger rail system in Ohio would provide long-overdue transportation choices to business professionals, vacationers, college students, long-distance commuters and others; choices that will reduce our dependence on oil and emissions.

“It is time we start thinking about moving people, and not just cars,” said Gene Krebs, Co-Director, Greater Ohio. “Our economy is increasingly tied to our mobility. Developing passenger rail service in Ohio will give us a better transportation option while reducing pollution and congestion, and creating jobs and spurring new economic development.”

Greater Ohio believes it will lead to cost savings to the citizens by moving cars off the road and lessening the need for spending on highway construction and maintenance. One example, Ohio is currently considering making costly upgrades to the I-70/ I-71 split in downtown Columbus to ease congestion. Moving a modest number of cars off that stretch of highway could lead to substantial savings in the long term.

Greater Ohio proudly supports the state of Ohio’s efforts to create a fiscally sustainable transportation system through passenger rail.