*The New Metropolis* Premiers in Ohio!

A two part Documentary about the challenges and opportunities facing Americas First Suburbs will air on local public television stations throughout Ohio. The first episode is called A Crack in the Pavement, Rebuilding America’s First Suburbs. The second episode is called The New Neighbors, How one town created a vibrant, integrated suburb. The Documentary will air on the following dates in these locations: Columbus: Friday, October 9 at 7pm (Episodes 1 & 2 will air consecutively)

Cincinnati and Dayton: Episode 1 will air Sunday, November 8 at 6 pm and episode 2 will air Sunday, November 15 at 6 pm

 The New Metropolis is a documentary series that explores the rise, fall and possible rebirth of America’s older “first” suburbs.”  Produced by award-winning filmmaker Andrea Torrice, The New Metropolis is the first public examination devoted to the issues facing many suburban towns. Considered embodiments of the American dream, the first suburbs blossomed after World War II, bolstered by economic prosperity and government support. Now, many struggle with the same challenges as urban centers: growing poverty, white flight, crumbling infrastructure, abandonment, and the continual lure of newer communities farther from cities.

Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, the first episode, “A Crack in the Pavement,” follows the stories of two public officials from Ohio and their challenges in repairing aging infrastructure and keeping residents and business from leaving — often for newer suburban communities farther from the urban core. The second episode, “The New Neighbors,” profiles two ordinary people, one black and one white, who made racial integration the centerpiece of revitalizing Pennsauken, a Greater Philadelphia suburb. It is narrated by actress Ruby Dee.

For more information about the series, detailed press packet, community screenings, watch parties and other events, visit www.thenewmetropolis.com or call Torrice Productions at (513) 751–7050.