Press Release

GOPC Releases Recommendation for Transportation Budget Ahead of Conference Committee

COLUMBUS, OH (March 26, 2019) - As the House of Representatives and Senate prepare to negotiate differences on House Bill 62, the FY2020-21 State Transportation Budget, Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) releases the following recommendation in support of enhanced state funding for public transit systems across Ohio. GOPC recommends the Conference Committee allocate $50 million in federal “flex funds” and $50 million in General Revenue Funds (GRF) to public transportation.

GOPC Releases Funding Recommendations for State Investment in Brownfields Redevelopment

Columbus, OH (October 4, 2018) – Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) released a new white paper today, Investing in Brownfields: Identifying Potential Funding Options for CORF 2.0, which presents five funding options for a statewide program that would invest in the remediation of environmentally contaminated land. This white paper is intended to advance conversations surrounding Ohio’s need for community-responsive brownfields funding, which has been a top policy ask of many public and private leaders across Ohio.

Bipartisan, Multi-Sector Network of Small Legacy City Leaders Release A Vision for Ohio’s Reinvention Cities (5/16/18)

To present a bold vision for the future of their communities, a bipartisan, cross-sector network of leaders from small legacy cities have released “A Vision for Ohio's Reinvention Cities.” Endorsed by more than thirty representatives of the private, public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, this forward-looking agenda outlines achievable state policies that are key to ensuring the revitalization of Ohio’s Reinvention Cities – legacy cities with fewer than 65,000 residents that have lost population since their 20th century peaks.

New Report Lays out Strategies to Revitalize Smaller Legacy Cities in Ohio and Beyond (8/29/17)

Columbus, Ohio. (August 29, 2017) – From Gary, Indiana to Lowell, Massachusetts, smaller post-industrial cities are taking strategic steps to regenerate – with the chance to follow their larger rebounding counterparts like Pittsburgh and Cleveland – by building on downtowns, capitalizing on a unique sense of place, and focusing on workforce development, according to a new report published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in partnership with the Greater Ohio Policy Center.

Greater Ohio Policy Center Report surveys Akron’s neighborhoods, suggests strategies for spurring market-rate development (2/16/17)

Today, Greater Ohio Policy Center released a report detailing opportunities for market-rate residential investment in Akron’s neighborhoods. The Build in Akron report, produced with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, finds that many of Akron’s neighborhoods can already support additional market-rate housing and many more could attract new development through strategic interventions that have been employed successfully in other cities in Ohio.